Saturday Something: Celebrating Mom

Mother's Day with NerdWallet

The folks over at NerdWallet invited me to participate in their Mother’s Day contest, and for a moment, I almost didn’t take them up on the offer. I mean, mothers and Disney? They don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. (I’m just saying.)

But as soon as I started thinking about it, I knew EXACTLY what I would do with my mother if we were in WDW on Mother’s Day. Can you guess what it is?

Okay, it’s not tea at the Grand Floridian. It’s not lunch at Cindy’s Castle. And it’s not massages or facials or anything like that. In fact, you’re never going to get it right, so I am just going to tell you:

Tri-Circle-D Farm at Fort Wilderness
Tri-Circle-D Farm at Fort Wilderness

The Tri-Circle D Farm.

Mom and I at Busch Gardens
Mom and I at Busch Gardens

Weird, right? But my mom LOVES horses, especially Belgian work horses. About five years ago, we went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg on a family vacation, and we spent a ton of time in the horse barn, where my mom completely geeked out. (My siblings were NOT pleased to be missing out on thrill rides, but who can say no to mom?)

So mom and I are going to head over to Fort Wilderness, check out Walt’s beauties and just appreciate the rustic atmosphere (and amazing smells) of the area. Awesome experience, right?! But, since I also have $25 to spend (thanks, NerdWallet!), mom and I are also going to indulge just a little bit …

After a nice, serene walk over to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, we’re going to grab a seat in Whispering Canyon Café and order two bottomless milkshakes: chocolate for her, vanilla for me. We can sit, sip and enjoy each other’s company for as long as we want for the low, low price of $14!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

What would you and your mom do with $25 in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!