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Mouse Vocabulary

Much like other things that people become obsessed with (video games, cooking, rock climbing…the list goes on) Disney fans have their own terminology that Disney outsiders often don’t understand. Mouse Vocabulary posts are intended for both types of people–those that are just learning these terms and those that already know them (but should be amused by my personal take). This is, after all, a blog written by two Disney nerds. And I can’t think of a single thing nerdier than a love of vocabulary. Ok that’s not true. I also love diagramming sentences. That’s pretty gosh darn nerdy, too. But I digress

Mouse Vocabulary: Mousekeeping

Contrary to how it sounds, mousekeeping has nothing to do with owning a pet mouse. In Disney vernacular, mousekeeping is something entirely …

Mouse Vocabulary: Queue

  This Mouse Vocabulary term seems, at first, to be just a regular vocabulary word.  After all, normal, non-Disney people use the …