How To: Eat Casey’s Corn Dog Nuggets

Casey's Corner (Mouse on the Mind)I’m walking right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A.

I’m not alone: Tracy, my blogging partner-in-crime, is with me, and we stop in the Emporium to try on some silly hats.

As we walk out the door, we run right into the Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Street Party. Obviously, we stop to dance.

By the time we’re almost to the hub, I’m hungry. And there, on the left, is Casey’s Corner.

So we step into the 1920s for a snack. We’re chatting and laughing and admiring the baseball memorabilia and, before I know it, we’re standing at the counter.

And we have no idea what we’re going to order.

Luckily, Casey’s menu isn’t too expansive. Mostly, they serve classic baseball stadium foods: nachos, hot dogs and cracker jacks. The fact of the matter is, Casey’s Corner is really just a glorified hot dog stand, but somehow, it’s WAY better than it has any right to be.

The hot dogs are insanely fresh and plump. The whole place smells like heaven. And on this day, I went for the corn dog nuggets and fries.

Casey's Corner (Mouse on the Mind)

Here’s my lunch. With the obligatory plastic cheese and a bottle of water!

Usually, I don’t eat corn dogs. At full size, the dogs steam inside the breading and then become super soggy (and kind of disgusting). But as a single bite, these are a total dream: coated in a thick cornmeal batter and just the perfect size. Yum.

Casey's Corner (Mouse on the Mind)

Once we ordered, Tracy and I headed out to the beautiful courtyard behind the counter service spot, made ourselves comfortable on a bench and started dipping. Corn dog nugget, meet plastic cheese sauce.

But something was missing.

Tracy popped up off of the bench and scurried into Casey’s. And by the time she came back, she had invented the perfect way to enjoy a corn dog nugget.

I’m not just exaggerating because she’s my friend. Seriously. This is brilliant. Look:

Casey's Corner (Mouse on the Mind)

How to Eat Casey’s Corn Dog Nuggets
Step One: Dip nugget into cup of plastic cheese.
Step Two: Dip nugget into cup of chopped onions.
Step Three: Eat nugget.
Step Four: Make a happy face.


Are you sitting here right now thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that myself?”

I was.

But after I got over my initial shock, I dug right in for …

Casey's Corner (Mouse on the Mind)

…the perfect bite.

What’s your favorite snack from Casey’s Corner? Let us know in the comments below! 

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