Musical Monday: Can You Feel The Music Tonight?

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am back on the mash up sauce. I apologize in advance. But for real! These are just so fun and dancey, and who doesn’t need a little fun and dancey in their life now and again?

These next two tracks were mixed by djDOYOU (an earlier name used by the current Agent Smith, who we’ve jammed with before).

Okay so this one … sometimes the two beats clash so horribly, and then the next second, it’s just beautiful again. So I’ve decided that I love it. I especially love the part at about 1:49. Also? I love how the themes of the two songs blend so perfectly: a confirmed bachelor falling in love. The ending, with Timon and Pumba crying, is just too perfect.

This … this is just fun. Plain, old fun. And I dig it. This is Simba and friends mushed all together with lots of different sounds and voices from pop culture. So turn it up and see if you can name all of the references you hear in the song while you dance. Because you will dance.

Share your favorite mash ups with me!! Do it!