Buttons Here! Get Your Buttons!

I’m cheap.

This shouldn’t be surprising since I wrote a weekly Thrifty Thursday column for well over a year.

But the fact stands. I am cheap. And, as a result, I have a special affection for I’m Celebrating pins, and I always make sure to stop in at Guest Relations to pick up the appropriate version when I get to my first Park.

Most recently, it was a Happy Birthday pin for At Disney Again! (He’s old!) But when I walked into Guest Relations in the Magic Kingdom, which is currently under refurb,  I was ushered back outside and directed to the cart … relocated right onto the sidewalk in Town Square:

MK button cart (Mouse on the Mind)And in that cart? All of the I’m Celebrating pins I could possibly want! I grabbed a Happy Birthday pin and personalized it for At Disney Again …


No word on whether the cart’s new home is permanent or if it’s on the street just temporarily while Guest Relations is getting a face lift. But I totally dig it right out in the open like that, and I sort of hope it sticks around!

What do you think? Do you love the pin cart as much as I do? Let us know in the comments!