Broadsides of Pangani

Pangani Hippo (Mouse on the Mind)I am sort of in love with Helga. The Hippo. Who lives behind the glass in the Pangani Trail Hippo Room.

I don’t know if that’s actually her name. Also, I do know she’s actually three different hippos of different sizes and genders. But, whatever.

The point is, I’m sort of in love with the hippos. I have a tendency to sit in front of that glass for a bit too long, my butt getting damp from the floor and parents looking at me with annoyance because I’m blocking their kids’ view. But it wasn’t until earlier this month that I noticed the cargo case nearby, emblazoned with Serengeti Hippo Project and covered with pretty broadsides:

I love these. They bring so much character to the Park in general, but I especially love it here, where it so perfectly fits in with the story in the Hippo Pool Room and with the overall theme of Kilimanjaro Safaris. I think my favorite is Crush the poachers. (#WilsonWasThePoacher)

Do you have a favorite broadside in Harambe? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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