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Sitcom stars in WDW

The year is 1996 and Cory Mathews is king. Sort of. In its third season, Boy Meets World started to struggle a bit in the ratings. And a trip to WDW was just the thing to give the show a little spring sweeps bump.

Boy Meets World Title Card (Mouse on the Mind)Our hero—Cory, that is—begins the episode struggling with his recent break up with Topanga, continuing a poorly-planned seven-episode arc of epic weirdness. He’s pretty upset about it … and she’s heading to Walt Disney World after winning an environmental essay contest.

Unlike many of the other sitcom stints in WDW, Cory, Shawn and the gang were only able to stay for one episode, and as a result, we don’t get to see as much of the Parks in their 1996 glory as I would like. We do, though, get a great dream-sequence ride aboard old Dumbo in all its glory, right in the center of Vintage Fantasyland.

But back to the plot: the contest winners head to The Living Seas Pavilion in Epcot, where they’re going to learn about dolphins. A lot of the action takes place off stage as Debbe Dunning (better known as Heidi from “Tool Time”) leads the students through Epcot’s Living Seas.

Boy Meets Splash Mountain (Mouse on the Mind)Shawn and Cory, who are doing WDW on the extreme-cheap, sleep in Splash Mountain’s log flumes overnight (good thing they’re not in Disneyland or that would be super cramped!) and ‘shower’ on the first ride of the morning. Then they spend the day following Topanga all around the World, park hopping from MK to Epcot and finally to another dinner at Coral Reef. (The height of 1990s romance, apparently.)

After making a bumbling, fumbling mess of his love life, Cory cries to a dolphin in the Living Seas. Topanga overhears him, and the two share a makeup kiss in front of the Fountain of Nations. So pretty!

Boy Meets World was one of my favorite shows, but I think this might be my least favorite of all of the ABC trips to WDW because we barely get to see any of the Parks.

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