Boo to You: Guest Costumes

Boo To You (Mouse on the Mind)

One of my favorite things about Walt Disney World is how incredible the fan community is. That awesome spirit especially comes out during the holidays, and Halloween is no different. This year, during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, I saw five kind of amazing costumes. Check them out:

#5: The Incredible Family
The Incredibles (Mouse on the Mind)
Is it just me or are The Incredibles a terribly under-appreciated selection from the recent Disney/Pixar canon? You can find them at the end of the Magic of Disney Animation tour and as part of the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! parade, but the film has such strong male and female characters, and I really think they deserve to be celebrated in a more pronounced way. Which is why I love this motley crew of i-chested superheros. 


#4: Fairly Amazing
Fairy Couple (Mouse on the Mind) I’m not 100% sure, but I’m choosing to believe this couple is dressed as Danielle and Henry from Ever After, the 1998-film inspired by Cinderella. You know: “Just breathe.” That’s the one! Whether the costumes are based on fairy tales or not, they are pretty awesome. And a huge commitment for a night at the Parks: those wings don’t just snap on and off easily.


#3: Evil Parrot
Shoulder Muppet (Mouse on the Mind)If only I knew more about this, it might move right to the top of this list, but I met this man toward the very end of the night when the Park was very loud and we were both dragging. Though not too many words passed between us, I was able to gather that the terrifying creature on his shoulder was built by its bearer and … it was a fully-manipulable puppet! When I reached out to touch it, the creature nipped at my finger! Genius.


#2: Constance Hatchaway
Constance Hatchaway - The Bride (Mouse on the Mind)As long as we both shall live … This amazing Haunted Mansion Bride looks too good to be confined to the attic! I found this lovely guest wandering just outside the Haunted Mansion’s gates, trying to escape the rain under the awning of Columbia Harbour House. From the axe to the gloves, the costume is pitch perfect, but I especially love the wedding ring on her left hand–such a great nod to Haunted Mansion lore.


#1: Donald and Daisy
Donald and Daisy (Mouse on the Mind)This couple really knows how to commit! I first ran into them in the Hub before the party began, and I eventually shared my bench with them during the second Boo to You parade. They sewed their own costumes, and they’re lovely and impeccable right down to the #1 Donald is sporting. Ladies, can you imagine getting your husband to put on yellow tights and fleecey white shorts? That’s what I thought.

What are some of the best costumes you’ve seen at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Let us know (and share your own photos!) in the comments below.

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