Big Top Treats in Storybook Circus

Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind)
Remember yesterday? When I waxed poetic about running away to join the circus and shared some photos from Big Top Souvenirs? That was fun, right?

These days, I’m more likely to grab a cupcake and head to the nearest table than I am to grab a baton and head to the circus. So I was really, really pleased to see that Big Top Souvenirs has, at its core, Big Top Treats!  Let’s enjoy one, shall we?

Treat Counter at Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind) As I mentioned yesterday, circus wagons full of merchandise circle the big tent, but Big Top Treats takes up the center ring, and it’s front and center when you walk in through the doors. 

Treats // Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind) The signs above advertise for your standard circus fare: cotton candy and caramel corn. Goofy’s Glaciers are a frozen, slushy beverage, offered in three flavors (blue, red and yellow … you figure that out).

Treats // Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind) They’ve also got your Disney specialty treats: cake pops, character apples, cupcakes, fudge and chocolate-covered deliciousness at a variety of price points.

Treats // Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind)

Treats // Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind) On opening day, the treat chest was full of the beautiful snacks we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing at Main Street Confectionery. Behind the counter, cast members were slicing fudge for sale in the show kitchen. (The store’s main kitchen is off stage.)

Treats // Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind) The lone specialty offerings were found between the chocolate-dipped bananas and Mickey-ear brownies: cupcakes!! Big Top Treats offers a cotton candy cupcake, a cupcake with the Great Goofini on top and a caramel corn cupcake.  They’re smaller than the typical specialty cupcakes, but they cost only $3.99 or a snack credit.

If you look closely in the photo above, a  placard also advertises a Dumbo cupcake for $3.99. I didn’t see any that night, and so far, I haven’t seen any coverage of a special Dumbo-themed cake, but definitely keep your eyes peeled! Who knows what Disney’s crafty candy makers have up their striped sleeves!

After a lengthy and tortured conversation with the Cast Member behind the counter, I decided to go with the caramel corn cupcake. Because everyone knows I am obsessed with all things related to corn. (But next time, chocolate covered banana, I am coming for you.)

Here’s where my story gets kind of sad and pitiful: Big Top Treats doesn’t have covered seating. (Editor’s Note: It didn’t have any covered seating, but a themed seating area has since been opened inside the yellow tent near the train station.)  It also doesn’t have servicewear. On opening day, it was raining pretty much non-stop, and  I quickly scurried through the Park looking for cover so I could enjoy my cupcake in relative peace and dryness.

In hindsight, I should have headed to Cosmic Ray’s, but I found myself circling through Fantasyland and Liberty Square and grabbing a table outside of Sleepy Hallow Refreshments. It was dark, cold and wet, and I apologize for the terrible photos below:

Caramel Corn Cupcake // Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind) Big Top Treat’s Caramel Corn Cupcake is pretty much your standard Disney cupcake covered with a pretty, circus-swirled wrapper. The thick, gritty-sweet icing was colored to match the wrapper and topped with fresh, sweet caramel corn.

Caramel Corn Cupcake // Big Top Souvenirs (Mouse on the Mind) Once I cut into it and took the first bite, I was in cupcake heaven. The cake is a moist vanilla (although you could get it in chocolate, as well) with no filling. The main event is the topping. I know a lot of folks don’t love this style of stick-to-your-tongue sugary frosting, but I can’t get enough of it. Here, it was offset and made so much more delicious by the soggy-soft and salty-sweet caramel corn on top.

The Cast Members I spoke to all expressed a fondness for the cotton candy-topped cake, but I’m not sure I could handle all of that sugar, so I’ll leave that for you intrepid travelers to taste. If you do, make sure to let us know what you think! (And check out AJ’s review of the caramel corn from earlier this week on Disney Food Blog.)

Have you visited Big Top Souvenirs or tried any of the offerings at Big Top Treats? Let us know in the comments below! 

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