Big Thunder BOOM!

One of my favorite recently-departed Disney World things was Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats. It was so totally low-budget and childishly fun. I just loved it, and I was sad when it went the way of Tom Sawyer’s paint brushes.

But! I am excited to report a cool interactive feature Dan and I discovered over in Frontierland that almost fills the void:

I’m calling it Blasting Machine No. 1!

It’s a crank and plunger that need to be manipulated just so to detonate blasting caps and make an explosion. Boom!

The “game” is located just outside the exit you’d use if you step to the left to get onto the platform at the end of the attraction. (That’s confusing, but it’s the best I’ve got.) It’s not new. In fact, I think it was added along with the interactive queue four years ago. But it was new to me … I guess I haven’t exited from that exit in a while! Or I’ve always been in a rush to get on to the next thing.

Just another reason why it’s best to take things slow and keep your eyes open at Disney World … you never know what kind of super cheesy, extremely fun elements the Imagineers are going to add to the Parks while you’re not looking!

Do you love these interactive bits around the Parks? Have you ever made the mountain go BOOM? Let us know in the comments below!

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