Beyond the Fifth Dimension

Gravity is the enemy of the fat man. Falling is the sensation I like least. I don’t even like the drop on Pirates of the Caribbean. But I’ve always liked Tower of Terror. Not riding it, of course. But it is a beautiful building. Imposing. And a welcome addition to a Park without thrill rides.

Tower of Terror (at disney again)

Even though I’d never been in the Tower of Terror, I loved photographing it. In fact, Sunset Boulevard at night is one of my favorite spots to photograph at Disney World. The tower is a big part of that. It’s in such direct contrast to the perfection of the castle at Kingdom. I’ve shot the queue and the gift shop before—they’re beautiful.

And Melissa’s been working with me to expand my Disney attraction options. She’s already convinced me to try the Barnstormer and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. And she promised me that I wouldn’t die. So I decided to try it. To ride Tower of Terror for the first time.

The pre-ride show is flawless. I love all of the details in the library and the dead-on Rod Sterling impersonator or dubbing or however they made that movie. And the boiler room. I work in a building that was built in the late 1800s, and the boiler room is dead on.

Tower of Terror (at disney again)

The ride itself was fun. I figured we would drop maybe three or four times. But we dropped well over 732 times. It was terrifying. And I quickly learned that you really need to tighten your seatbelt. I spent most of my first ride either in the air or landing on my butt. And that did not feel so great.

Honestly, after we dropped the first two times, I got used to the sensation of falling. Although I was glad that I sat on the inside of the car (by request), so I’d have the wall and rail to hold on to. And also Melissa’s hand.

Tower of Terror (at disney again)

On my second ride, I loosened my grip and took photos. I got really lucky and caught shots of the ghosts and even timed it right to get photos of the Park from the top of the Tower. It took a lot of bravery, but it was worth it because the shots are really cool.

I will definitely ride it again. I liked it. But just like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, I think I’ll probably get butterflies every time I take the elevator up.

Dan isn’t the first man Melissa’s convinced to take the plunge–she also asked her ex-husband to write about his first trip in the elevator of doom.

Have you ever overcome a fear of a certain ride? Let us know about it in the comments below.