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Nighttime Disney activities are a favorite pastime of ours, so we were thrilled when Mouse On The Mind asked us to write down a few suggestions of things to do. If you’ve read our blog at all you know that WDW is our favorite place for our girls-only trips. Yes, we also go there with our families, but there is nothing quite like boarding an airplane, giddy with your best friend, plotting all the places to grab a cocktail… or two… or three.

Kona Cafe at the Polynesian (Best Friends Guide)To get your tropic on: A must for us every trip is a stop at Kona Cafe combined with one of our absolute favorite things– watching the Electrical Water Pageant from the Polynesian Beach. We usually plan it so that we get a reservation around 7:30 or so then immediately order “THE” cocktail of girls trip: The Lapu Lapu. Finish your drink before the water show starts? No worries. We order one outside at the pool, plop our happy and full selves down on the beach, and wait for the fun to start. Even better: stake out a hammock and swing away. We have done battle over getting one before.

Obviously, we won the battle.

Now I know we are not alone with our love of the water pageant, but you’d be amazed at how many people, especially those staying at the monorail resorts, tend to shrug off this tradition thinking they’ll catch it another night… and then they don’t. MAKE the time to do this, and you won’t regret it. It’s relaxing after a busy day of park hopping, and the drinks are worth every penny spent. We can hear the music now, and it makes us happy. 

Wilderness Lodge (Best Friends Guide)Camping for people who don’t like, well, camping: Another night time fav of ours is a spot where you’re close to the action but feel like you’re miles away. The Wilderness Lodge is an ideal nighttime location to escape the crowds, and we can often be found just sitting poolside in the evening hours.

While The Wilderness Lodge is a Magic Kingdom resort, it is not on the monorail, so it can be easily overlooked by the masses. The instant we step off the boat and walk up that long wooden path, we take a big sigh and feel the stress of the day evaporate. The surrounding wooded area gives a secluded feel—a vacation within a vacation, if you will.

Some tips. You can hear the fireworks from the Wilderness Lodge, but viewing them is a difficult task. We saw a sparkle or two briefly, so don’t go here looking for a great Wishes spot. Do go here to relax at night and take in the views around you. Naturally, we do this with a drink in hand.

While you are on property, grab dinner at one of the two sit-down restaurants in the main lobby. Our kids love the ruckus at Whispering Canyon Cafe (trust us, nobody is whispering in this joint), and the refillable milkshakes—yes I said refillable—are delicious.

If you are looking for a quiet adult drink, the bar at Artist Point has a lovely selection of wine and beer, big comfy leather chairs, and a view of the lobby for people watching.

Walk Around Crescent Lake (Best Friends Guide)Date Night: We scoff at people who claim there is no romance at Disney. Never mind the fact that Disney has made a whole business out of fairytale weddings, Disney has also mastered the art of giving adults a number of options for a special dinner, drinks, or just quiet time with your person. It’s not all about the kids, people.

One of our favorite date night locations requires no reservation. Head on down to the Beach Club Resort to take in the evening ambiance. Grab an ice cream cone at Beaches and Cream and kick off your shoes on the beach to watch whatever evening movie is scheduled.

Now, there are some great Beach Club restaurants that you could make reservations at (we would recommend the clam bake at Cape May). But one of our favorite things about this boardwalk is that it’s so close to Epcot, and there is a back door to the park. Technically, you could have your romance dinner at World Showcase then head through the back door to follow up with an ice cream dessert. Voila! Dinner, movie AND dessert. It’s a win, win, and well, win.

These are only a few of our many many favorite options for a night out. The trouble is, vacations just aren’t long enough. Whatever you choose for your Disney evenings, make sure you take a look off the beaten path. Some of the best memories are made off the park maps. There is a theme to our nighttime activities and it tends to include adult beverages. We won’t hold it against you if you do it with a refillable mug.


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