Imagineering Awesome: The Best Day Ever Coaster!

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This is the tenth post in the Imagineering Awesome series so if you’ve missed any of the previous posts, click on the link at right. It will open in a new window, so you won’t miss today’s really fun imagined attraction. It’s also–technically–the end of the month of Imagineering here at Mouse on the Mind. BUT I do have a couple of extra posts for you coming up … Today’s exciting new attraction comes to us from Jenn, who is the creator of, and it’ll be familiar to those of you who have young kids (or are still a young kid, like me). imagineering_awesome When Melissa asked if anyone wanted to be apart of something bigger – a big group of bloggers writing about the same subject, I jumped on the idea. Of course, the actual idea of mentally becoming an Imagineer is quite a daunting task! Several months ago, we did a Magical Blogorail Loop on the same topic – creating an attraction based on a Disney/Pixar movie. While I originally considered re-using my idea for the Rapunzel Swings, I decided on something else. Something incredibly obvious in my house: Ferb, building a coasterA Phineas and Ferb ride. We’re a few years late to join this rodeo, but Phineas and Ferb is #1 in our house right now. While I’m not quite sure what my 3 year old is getting out of it, we laugh as much (or more) than he does, so we watch it frequently. We watch the series more than the movie, but I’m using this as a Lou Mongello “go with me” and stealing the characters from the movie and the attraction from the show. The pilot of the show: Phineas and Ferb wanted to have the best day ever and made a roller coaster. The Imagineers would probably have to be a little creative to make it look as insane as in the show while still being safe and doable, but that’s the best part of Imagineers. P&F Coaster Now I say: more Phineas and Ferb in the Parks! Hey, where’s Perry? Would this coaster make your day the Best Ever?? Let us know below. 

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