Boo To You: My Un-Rapunzel Costume

Boo To You (Mouse on the Mind)For the past five Halloweens, I’ve either been “a kid” (footie pajamas with my hair in pigtails) or a college graduate (making that cap and gown work for me). Why? Because we don’t dress up at work, I don’t go to Halloween parties and not enough local kids ring our bell for it to be worth really dressing up. (Sad, right?)

But this year was different. I invited myself to Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween Party, I paid $58 for the pleasure, and there was no way I wasn’t going to dress up!!

I struggled for awhile trying to decide what (or who) to be. Belle was the leading possibility for awhile. Then I was thinking the Cheshire Cat. Finally, I settled on Rapunzel, and I set out to create the best damn Rapunzel costume I could … without buying something off the rack.

Melissa as Rapunzel (Mouse on the Mind)

In the end, it was a lot less impressive than I’d hoped it would be, but it was relatively inexpensive and totally fun to put together. Here’s how I did it:

The Top
I started by searching the web for some ideas, and I came across an awesome, handcrafted t-shirt made by graphic designer and fashion illustrator Amber Barker.Because it started as a simple, cotton t-shirt, I knew it would be comfortable to wear in the Florida heat, which was very important to me.

Luckily for us, Amber sells this cute creation in her Etsy shop, Chic by Amber, along with several other t-shirt-based embellished tops inspired by Disney princesses. If you’re considering one of her designs for this Halloween, you’d better hurry: she’s charging a rush fee at this point. Even though it wears easily and is fairly simple, it’s got lots of sweet little details.

The Bottom
At first, I considered wearing a pair of loose-fitting Vietnamese fisherman pants, which would be comfortable for in-Park wear but give the appearance of a flowing skirt. Ultimately, though, I decided to go with a long, layered skirt for a more authentic look. I purchased a simple design from etsy … but unfortunately, it never arrived. (I’m currently going through the complaint process with both esty and PayPal.)

So, in the end, I decided to go with jeans. Even Rapunzel dresses down sometimes, right?

The Wig
This was easily the most complicated part of the costume because my husband and I created it completely by hand. We started out with a bunch of yarn and about ten hours later, we had … a total hot mess! Seriously. The wig did not work out. If you’re thinking about making a wig out of yarn, stop thinking! Unless you attended design school or are super crafty, take a page from my book and just be short-hair Rapunzel.

Making Rapunzel's Wig (Mouse on the Mind)

The Shoes
Rapunzel is barefoot throughout much of Tangled, but that’s not entirely possible at Disney World. I shopped around for some simple purple flats, but my feet are fat (“wide,” in shoe talk), so it’s nearly impossible for me to buy shoes online, and I couldn’t find anything compelling in my local shops.

Then I wandered into Famous Footwear and checked out the clearance rack on whim. How perfect: a pair of purple floral slip-ons from Skechers Go Play All Night marked half off! As a total bonus, they’re one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned. I ended up wearing them almost every day during my Food and Wine trip earlier this month.

The Accessories
Since I decided to go with short hair, I made sure to include a giant purple flower. I bought it at Michael’s  for $2.99 and just trimmed the stem down so it would easily clip into my ponytail.

I also got my own miniature frying pan from Walmart. Main Stays offers an amazing, tiny aluminum skillet in purple, as if it were made for a Rapunzel wannabe. Disney officials didn’t bat an eyelash when I brought it into the Park, and no one questioned it all evening. It was light, and it slipped into my candy bag when I didn’t want to carry it. The perfect accessory! Even Rapunzel herself loved it!

Rapunzel with Frying Pan (Mouse on the Mind)

Like I said earlier, in the end, my costume wasn’t everything I dreamed it would be, but it was comfortable and fun, and the best part is that it’s simple enough that I can wear it to work later this week with no problems!

What are you planning to be for Halloween?? 

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