Suit Up with Mickey

That thing the Starks have been warning us of has finally come to pass: Winter is here.

It’s time to break out my winter coat, my warm boots and my incredibly adorable Figment hat. It’s also time to start seriously dreaming about my next Disney trip. There’s something so awesome about crunching on dead leaves and frosty grass in one moment and stepping off an airplane into the humidity of Florida in the next.

When I’m actually in Orlando, I complain bitterly about the heat, but I really do love it. Mostly. I like to hang out beside the pool with a book while Rob goes for a swim. I like to bask in the sun in front of the Imagination Pavilion. And I love to hide in the shade at Animal Kingdom.

But because it’s often so cold at home when I travel to WDW, I sometimes forget that I’m going to the warmest place on earth. As a result, on at least two occasions, I’ve unpacked my suitcase only to realize that I didn’t bring a bathing suit.

What is a girl to do? 

While you can pick up a bathing suit in just about every resort store on property, I find that your choices are fairly limited and usually pretty boring. There is, though, one place on property where you can always go to find a really cute, flattering bathing suit:

Boutiki at the Polynesian (Mouse on the Mind)

The Boutiki in the Polynesian Resort!

Not surprising, I know, that a beach-themed resort would have a large selection of swimsuits. But Boutiki really goes above and beyond. I’ve visited the shop several times over the past year, and I’m always surprised by the wide variety of suits available.

There are suits here for every body type, from one-pieces and two-pieces to wet-suit-style wear. You’ve got your sexy little things, but there are also loose-fitting swim trunks (cut for women), bikini tops with forgiving fabric around the belly and bottoms cut for every … well, bottom.

Suits in Boutiki at the Polynesian (Mouse on the Mind)

Suits in Boutiki at the Polynesian (Mouse on the Mind)

Suits in Boutiki at the Polynesian (Mouse on the Mind)

Of course, a lot of them are Mickey-themed, but they’re pretty tasteful. And there are styles available that don’t feature The Mouse at all!

In addition to the well-stocked suit section, Boutiki also has a wide variety of dresses, shorts and tops as well as jewelry and girlie tchotchkes that you won’t find in every resort store. So it’s a great spot to browse before your Ohana reservation even if you don’t desperately need a swim suit.

What’s your favorite Disney resort shop? Let us know in the comments below! 

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