Mail on Monday: Bare Necessities

Disney’s The Jungle Book is pretty much totally unrelated to Rudyard Kipling’s scary, moralistic stories. It’s also the last Disney animated project Walt worked on before his death. So you’d think it would be a pretty light and fluffy puff of fun.

But it’s really pretty dark: The main character is almost eaten on more than one occasion by more than one different baddie. His biggest supporter is referred to as a “shiftless, stupid, jungle bum,” and the dude pretends to be dead as a joke!

Despite the facts, the letterhead used to promote the film gives absolutely none of that away: 

Jungle Book (Letterheady)

Here, we see Mowgli and his pals, happily enjoying life in the jungle. Even Kaa, a nasty python who’s most well-remembered for trying to hypnotize other animals into letting him eat them, looks goofy-to-stupid here.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the letterhead completely glossing over the main themes of the film. But I’ve decided to just go with it and focus on the positive. And, for me, the most positive thing about The Jungle Book is the music!

Bare Necessities is my favorite song from the whole movie, even though it’s the only song on the soundtrack that isn’t written by the Sherman brothers. (I think they’ll forgive me this once.) And lucky for you, I found a great blue grass cover of the song:

I also came across this amazing four-part a cappella version of I Wanna Be Like You where all four parts are performed by the same guy!! I am impressed, and I think you’ll enjoy it, too:

What’s your favorite song from The Jungle Book? Let us know in the comments!


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