Awaken Summer at Disney World

I am, as Dan likes to say, a “member of the press.” In my real-life job, I write for one of the top women’s magazines in the country. It is a great job with lots of perks (like getting to try new snack foods before they hit stores, heading to Disney PR events and taste-testing Nemo gummy vitamins), but even I was shocked last week when I received one of the most beautiful mailings I’d ever received.

Well … full disclosure … a coworker received it in the mail and gave it to me because she knew I would appreciate it. Nevertheless, it is amazing.

Let’s start with the exterior of the three-dimensional, six-sided mailer:

The event, which unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, is intended to show off the new attractions coming to WDW this summer. From the looks of the outside, we’ve got some more Star Wars coming our way, as well as a visit to Arendelle, the debut of Rivers of Light  and maybe a new fireworks spectacular at the Magic Kingdom?

The box is a slick origami piece that opens and opens and opens on itself, revealing lenticular printed images that have the illusion of depth. And also, more details.

Another look, this time offering a glimpse at Pandora as well as a rendering of Disney Springs, which continues to develop. Let’s take a look at the itinerary for those lucky journalists who get to attend:

In case you can’t read that, the event lasts three days, and highlights include a “dine around Disney Springs followed by the Symphony in the Stars fireworks show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The next day, after a Frozen-themed breakfast at EPCOT, they’re going to get to see Rivers of Light!! (So. Jealous.) On their last day, they’ll get the official word on all of the new happenings from Disney execs. And probably a couple of Imagineers. (I swear, if Joe’s there, I am just going to die of jealousy at having missed a chance to walk his Park with him.)

Included in the package was also a brief booklet, which outlines all of the awesome attractions that will be unleashed this summer (although, if we’re being honest, many of them are already in play):

In Animal Kingdom, we have Sunset Safaris, the new Tree of Life light show and Rivers of Light to look forward to. In Hollywood Studios, the recently rolled-out opportunities at Launch Bay as well as the Symphony in the Stars fireworks show. In EPCOT, the new Frozen ride and an updated Soarin (!!!) are on deck. And they’re pimping all of the updates at Disney Springs, too.

Okay … I am trying to be cool about this … but how cool is this?! I so very much wish I could attend. But for now, at least I can enjoy this awesome piece of ephemera.

Which of these awesome attractions are you most looking forward to? Personally … ALL OF THEM! Eeeeee!! 

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