Auld Lang Syne

Disney World 20122012 was a pretty fantasmic Disney year. Not only did I get to visit three times, but the Parks opened three incredible new themed lands, introduced Starbucks, welcomed the Marvel and Star Wars universes into the fold, presented two new princesses (I’m counting Sofia!) and just generally kicked ass. I mean, really: they reintroduced the Citrus Swirl.

But, of course, a midst all of this celebration, there were some sad, sad moments for Disney fans. I’m talking, of course, about the things that once were but are no longer. Remember the gnashing of teeth that accompanied the closing of Snow White’s Scary Adventures?

Here, for your melodramatic reading pleasure is a list of five things that disappeared from Disney World this year. Sniff.

Paint Brushes on Tom Sawyer’s Island
I have an absolutely fabulous paint brush story that I’ll share one of these days on the blog, but today is not the day. Today is a day of sadness and tears, for we will no longer be able to ferret out these beauties in the name of free FastPasses for all. Hasta la luego, my paint-covered friends. I will miss finding you under bushes or behind barrels. (In fact, I’ll probably never stop looking … even if you never come back.)

Tom Sawyer Island Paint Brush
We hardly knew ye, my weathered friend


Pepper Market Buffet
I never got to indulge in the wonder that was the buffet at Coronado Springs’ food court, but I sure heard about it. Over and over, my Disney buds exclaimed about the wonders of their breakfast and lunch buffets—unlimited tacos! endless churros! frittatas on fritattas!—and I was looking forward to visiting on my upcoming trip in February. But it is not to be. Only a year old and already put out to pasture by the powers that be. So long, bottomless burritos.

Menu Changes at Pepper Market
The buffet is no more at Pepper Market. (Photo via @hintofspy)


The Kim Possible Adventure
Never again will we hear the tell-tale four note chime of The Kim Possible Adventure ring out across the World Showcase Lagoon. These days, the World Showcase is all platypus purring and clacking, all the time. It’s not that I dislike Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure; it’s more that I miss Shego.  Don’t judge. Also, I never did complete the UK Pavilion mission. Oh well! Auf wiedersehen, bulky RFID Kimmunicator.

Kimmunicator by Loren Javier
I’ll miss these baddies. (Photo via Loren Javier)


That Last Extra Magic Hour
Evening Extra Magic Hours used to mean the Park was open three hours after closing. Now, it’s two hours. That means fewer midnights in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot and fewer opportunities to experience Animal Kingdom after dark. This is the only item on this list that I will actively miss—Rob and I love to take a long afternoon nap and then ride Big Thunder Mountain at ungodly hours after the other Parks have closed for the night. Guess we’ll be spending more time in the resort lounges … raising a glass to our lost but beloved late night tradition.

Extra Magic Hours
Extra Magic Hours! (Photo via Simple Disney Things)


Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle Boats
Woe is me! These often broken, totally overpriced and generally underappreciated remote control boats are dead, dead, dead. Gone the way of the dodo (and Shrunken Ned’s … er … customers), this slow, old-timey diversion was replaced with … STROLLER PARKING?!? No joke. They killed this charming little attraction to make room for more stroller graveyard. Thanks, kids!

Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats
How will I waste $5 now that these bad boys are gone?


Truly, I am excited to see what Disney has to offer throughout 2013 with its Limited Time Magic promotion. Surely there’ll be some new bit of magic for me to fall in love with, but still—I’m sad to see these things go. Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? I say no! So cheers to you, sad, lost Disney attractions!

Did any of your Disney favorites retire this year? Let us know what you’ll miss in the comments! 

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