Quick Bite: Artist Point Cheese Plate

Artist Point Cheese Plate
Artist Point Cheese Plate

It was a warm Orlando night in September when Rob and I sat down to enjoy dinner at Artist Point. It’s one of our all-time favorite dinner spots, and we were celebrating our official second anniversary dinner, making it an extra-special night.

We, duh, ordered the cheese plate to start. Because that’s really the only way to start a great meal. The plate in September came with three cheeses: Smokey Blue, Reypenaer VSOP and Humboldt Fog.

The VSOP was my favorite. A two-year-aged Dutch Gouda, it has a firm, crystalline texture that I absolutely adore in my cheese. With a strong, sharp flavor, we almost mistook it for a cheddar, and it paired awesomely with the plump raisins served alongside.

The plate’s softer cheese–the Humboldt Fog goat–was another big favorite for me. It’s so creamy and salty tangy, and it sort of looks like a tiny slice of wedding cake. It came with a couple of figs, which paired well but weren’t necessary. It also went really well with the little walnut toast circles that come with every Disney cheese plate.

The final cheese was the smokey blue, which was smothered in honey. We typically jump for joy at the sight of a blue cheese on the plate, but we didn’t love this one. We’d had it before during Food and Wine, and while the texture was a little better here (probably because it wasn’t sitting out in the heat), it still wasn’t our favorite. Blue cheese is such a perfect thing–why smoke it??

Like I said, this is one of our favorite dinner spots, and it’s definitely a place we’ll return. The cheese plates change frequently, so make sure you check out the menu before you order … or if you’re like us, just order it, and you’ll enjoy whatever you get!

What’s your favorite appetizer on the Artist Point menu? Let us know in the comments. 

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