Arrrrr! Pirate Pixie Ahoy!

Normally, I wouldn’t write about this kind of thing, but … well, I feel like there are just too many things I love here to overlook it. The news is Walt Disney Studios has teamed up with two of my favorite creative forces to create a new character: Zarina, the Pirate Fairy.

For starters, Christian Siriano has designed the character and her costume. And while I’m not into fashion and don’t love most mainstream designers, Siriano’s work is so colorful, kinetic and incredibly full of life … I am thrilled that he’s partnered with Disney.

Then there’s the fact that this new character is a pirate. And while I’m not a pirate (no matter what At Disney Again tells you), I do love all things piratey, and I am really happy to see the introduction of a pixie who isn’t whiny, bratty or gay. Hopefully, she has a strong, street-smart character.

And, of course, given her voice actress (and the third confluence on this list), that is almost assured. You see, this new fairy will be given aural life by Christina Hendricks. Only one of my favorite actresses.

So even though I almost never watch Tinker Bell films, I’m pretty gosh darn excited about The Pirate Fairy, on DVD and Blu-ray April 1. If you’re still not sold, check her out:

What do you think? Does she look swashbuckling enough? Let us know!

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