Another Disney Day? Yes, Please!

More magic, please!

If someone offered you several extra hours in the Most Magical Place on Earth, what would you say?

In early December, Tracy and I began toying with the idea of traveling to Walt Disney World during the last week of February to celebrate her educational travel book project. Since her Annual Pass expires on March 2, we decided to travel from Sunday through Friday—leaving Disney World on the last day her pass is good. We booked the trip before we even realized that our plan included an extra day—Leap Day!

What luck! And another what: What would we do with those extra hours in Disney World? My wheels started spinning … Do a tour? Several tours? Enjoy a resort day? Drink around the World? I knew whatever we ended up doing, I wanted to share it with my friends and fellow Disney fans.

That’s when we came up with the idea for Extra Magic Hours, a group-blog project. We’re working with a company that produces a real-time CMS platform to create a page where we can collect the voices of those lucky Disney bloggers and fans who will be in a Disney Park on Leap Day 2012!

Saturday night’s announcement—that Magic Kingdom will be open for 24 hours straight on Leap Day—was an exciting addition to our plans: not only will we be in the Parks during a rare Leap Day, we’ll also be there during an even-more-rare 24-hour Park day, making the live blog even more special!

We’re hard at work on our touring plan for the day and organizing some special events with our friends from the Disney community. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting event. And don’t forget to sign up to participate in our Leap Day live blog so you can get your own unique login credentials!

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