Too Little, Too Late: Another Cinderella Story

Too Little, Too Late
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Okay, so about two months ago, I watched Another Cinderella Story while I was babysitting. For real. Because that’s what my life is like, people. And I have to say, it was one of the most ridiculous movies I’ve ever seen, and I remember it fondly to this day as something that made me smile like an idiot during a pretty difficult time in my life. So here’s why it’s “great.” (Say that last bit with dripping sarcasm.)

Mary and Joey in Another Cinderella Story
This is what a high school dance looks like, right?

As you can probably tell from the title, this is another of the fabulous modern retellings of the classic story that Disney loves to use as a break-through vehicle for their up-and-coming stars. In this case, Selena Gomez plays the sad, lonely, motherless assistant to a ridiculous aging pop star. And so, of course, her prince is a Beiber-esque pop star on the rise.

My favorite thing about this movie is the classic way that it sets the scene and the characters without too much exposition or really any meaningful development. For example: we know Selena is awesome but misunderstood because she rides a skateboard, her BFF drives an orange VW and the cool kids are always throwing slushies at her (a year before Glee was a thing).You instantly know who these people are. In that way, it’s a really tight film, even if it is ridiculously silly.

Orange VW in Another Cinderella Story
The orange VW

My second favorite thing about the movie is how horribly, horribly dated it is already. I mean, instead of leaving a slipper, Cinderella leaves behind her ZUNE for goodness’ sake! And instead of jamming their feet into a stinky shoe, the potential pop princesses must tell the prince the top four most played songs on the device. (WTF … who can even do that? I don’t think I could tell you even the single most played song on any of my iDevices.)

Another Cinderella Story
Dance off!

The big problem here is what could have been an excellent hour-long special totally draaaaaaaaaaaags on. Because suddenly the stepsisters are trying to convince Cinderella that the Prince totally doesn’t love her and there’s a full on dance audition subplot. And you’re like, “what just happened?!”

Then. There’s a dance off. Yea. It’s kind of amazing. And suddenly your night is made and you realize you fully appreciate this hunk of crap film, and you’re going to write about it on your blog.

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