Aboard the Dream: Transportation Art

I only have time for a quickie this week, but I wanted to keep the Disney Cruise posts going strong … so … without further ado … some very cool transportation-themed works of art from the public spaces of the Disney Dream.

On Deck 5, you’ll find a series of classic transportation-inspired art. I love the nods to older-school Disney toons, including Plane Crazy, 101 Dalmatians, Dumbo and Boat Builders. Recognizing Casey Jr. made me practically giddy!

Also on Deck 5, you’ll find a series of nods to the watery vessels Disney has made famous, including Steamboat Willie and the Black Pearl. I couldn’t identify them all (I suspect Captain Hook’s ship is also up there, but I couldn’t quite figure out which it was …)

Does seeing these make you want to get on a plane, train or cruise ship and travel with Disney? Let us know in the comments below!