Aboard the Dream: The Secret Room

While we were aboard the Disney Dream, Dan and I made an effort to see every. single. inch. of the ship. It was an ultimately futile but extremely fun exercise. One of the out-of-the-way places we visited was the Outlook Lounge.

Located on Deck 14 Midship, the cozy room doesn’t have a bar or a bank of tvs. It’s just a nice, quiet place to hang out or have a family photo shoot, with a great view of the front of the boat.

It’s infrequently used as a cocktail lounge for weddings and group meetings for up to 24 guests, and during our sailing, the room was also used for meetings of the Friends of Bill W. (aka Alcoholics Anonymous) for a half-hour every morning and Toddler Time for a half-hour on the at-sea day.

We encountered the room while it was empty but still overrun with toys from Toddler Time. We hung out for a bit, and it would have been very nice to spend a couple of quiet hours hanging out there … but the clutter of the toys overwhelmed us a bit and we decided to move on.

Have you ever spent time in the Outlook Lounge? Let us know about it in the comments below!