Aboard the Dream: The Cove Cafe

Hooray! Now that I’ve wrapped up the overview of my first Disney Cruise Line adventure, Dan and I are going to start delving into specific things, places and activities that we really enjoyed. First up is our favorite chill spot onboard the Disney Dream, The Cove Cafe.

Cove Cafe (At Disney Again)

Located on Deck 11 in the adults-only area of the ship, Cove Cafe is a cozy, totally-fab Art Deco space with warm colors, curved lines and comfy, well-stuffed seats. And it’s decorated with historic photos of Walt, which is a nice touch. It’s basically like a really great (read: expensive) hotel lobby.

But there’s food and drinks, too! They brew up a full array of espresso-based drinks as well as tea, wine and spirits. My beverage of choice? A frozen chai latte, which isn’t technically on the menu, but they know how to make it. In fact, the baristas are lovely, and they know how to make lots of different things, so don’t be shy. Ask! (Check out Dan’s post for a photo of the full menu and more photos of the space, too.)

I posted up in the Cafe with a book a couple of times during the trip while Dan was taking an afternoon nap, and I saw folks working on lap tops and reading from kindles. But it’s not only an excellent place for nerdy pursuits–it’s also the best place on the ship, in my opinion, for people watching because it looks right out onto the adult pool. And some of the things people do in and wear to the adult pool … eesh.

A cool fact: The Cove Cafe offers a frequent user card, which the barista will punch each time you purchase a drink. Buy 5, and you get the 6th drink free! We didn’t fill it during our cruise (because we didn’t get the card until the third day … make sure to ask for it!), but we are saving it because the card is totally transferable from trip to trip and from ship to ship.

I’m a coffee house type of gal, and I very much love this space. Have you ever spent any time in The Cove Cafe? Tell us about it in the comments!