Aboard the Dream: T-Minus 70-ish Days

Disney Dream (At Disney Again)A couple of weeks ago, the booking window opened up on our upcoming 5-day cruise aboard the Disney Dream. Dan is a Silver Castaway Club member, so we were able to book our activities 90 days in advance. We’d heard that the meals at Palo and Remy tend to book up fast, especially the coveted “at-sea brunch,” but we had absolutely no problem getting what we wanted, which, after much heming and hawing, turned out to be dinner at Remy and brunch at Palo. And we did ultimately decide to go with the second-seating for dinner, so we’ll enjoy a show before dinner on most evenings.

And despite our ambivalence about getting off the ship at the Bahamas, we did ultimately decide to book the Nassau Forts and Junkanoo Discovery. It just looked like too much fun to pass up—it’s a perfect blend of ruins and slightly off-beat local culture … two thing we both love. According to DLC, the excursion runs from around 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., so we should still some time to re-board the ship and enjoy its semi-emptiness.

We opted not to book anything for our Castaway Cay days—if we want to do something and it’s available on the day-of, great. If not, it wasn’t meant to be. I think I’m going to want to bask in the details of the island rather than spend too much time with organized activities. (Of note: all of the $590 cabanas have been rented during our two Castaway Cay days! Who are these billionaires?! And how can I get them to adopt me?)

After our visit to Senses Spa at Saratoga Springs earlier this month, Dan and I are more excited than ever to get the Rainforest Room passes. Those heated zero-gravity loungers are calling us back for another round of relaxation, and we’re excited to enjoy them together!

Senses Spa (At Disney Again)

And, to keep my excitement going after the booking was done, I watched Disney Dream Cruise with Food Network. I know it’s basically an hour-long commercial … but it’s a commercial for a product I already paid for, so what’s the harm? Of course, the Food Network hosts acted like everything was over-the-top-good, but the food looked beautiful, and there were some genuine moments of surprise from the celebs as they took a first bite of this or that.

But the real interest was in the DCL trivia. 10,000 lbs. of beef tenderloin? And four chefs peeling and chopping all the ship’s veggies? The foodie details were quite interesting. Plus, it was a great, fairly up-to-date visual of what the Disney cruise experience is like, which I appreciate … although it looks like the Dream’s Relaxation Room has nothing on Saratoga Springs’. (There are no additional upcoming airings, according to TVGuide.com.)

Super big shout outs and major thanks to both Melissa from Rolling with the Magic and Jennifer Shirley from Instant Impressions, who provided invaluable advice during our booking window! Credit for the lovely photos from around the Bahamas goes to Lisa Jacobs.

What do you think of our cruise decisions so far? What on-board activities should we be seriously thinking about as the cruise comes closer?

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