Aboard the Dream: Still Plotting and Planning

That’s right: I’m still obsessively thinking about my upcoming cruise with Dan aboard the Disney Dream. Although, to be honest, my interest has waned as our upcoming long weekend trip comes closer. But here are a few things that are currently running through my mind:

Palo v. Remy. We have 5 dinners on the cruise … So we’re trying to decide whether to do dinner at both Palo and Remy. Or just pick one of them. Or! If we should try to book a brunch at Remy on our at-sea day. I love the idea of doing a brunch, but I understand that they’re really hard to book. Any advice or suggestions?


To Disembark or Not To Disembark. We’re cruising to the Bahamas, yes, but we’ve all but decided to stay on the trip rather than explore the island. Neither of us are too keen on spending a boatload (elohel) of money on excursions. Plus, our Nassau day comes smack in the middle of our cruise, so it seems like planning to relax and hang on the ship would be smart. BUT! We’re both super into exploring history (and I am personally obsessed with ruins), so we’re also seriously considering the Nassau Forts Tour that’s offered. It’s only about 4 hours, so we could do that and still get back to the ship early enough to do some serious relaxing. Has anyone ever done the Forts Tour? Or not gotten off the ship on the Nassau day?

I Plan To Get Fat. I’ve seen a rumor on the Internet that if you sandwich a Mickey Premium Bar between two Big Island Cookies (all unofficially on the room service menu), you have created the Holy Grail of Disney Cruise Line snacks. So. Guess what’s on the menu in our cabin?

There’s where we are right now … next month, when I post my cruise update, we’ll have booked our excursions and special experiences, so I’ll for-sure have lots to report!

Any tips or advice as we prepare to book excursions? Or other guilty pleasures we can order off the room service menu? Share with me your cruising tips, oh Disney fans! 

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