Aboard the Dream: Live Shows

Dream Theaters 002When you’re preparing for your first Disney cruise, everyone talks about the stage shows: They’re Broadway-quality! They’re hilarious! They’re fun! They … really get your expectations high.

So it’s a good thing the shows are just as awesome as everyone says–and moreso when you consider that they are staged and performed in a small space on a moving ship. And that the show crew completely flips the stage to prepare for a new show each night. And that all of the actors memorize lines for and perform in at least three different shows during each sailing. Whoa.

The Facts: Each show is performed twice per trip–once at 6:15 p.m. and once at 8:30 p.m. These times coincide with the dinner seatings, so you would go to the later show if you have early dining, or the early show if you have late dining. On most cruises (as on our cruise aboard the Disney Dream), there will be shows on three nights. On longer cruises, you may have the opportunity to see up to six shows. (You can check out the different shows and their availability on Disney Cruise Line Blog.)

The Theatre: While I was prepared for and even excited about the shows themselves, what no one told me about was how amazing the Walt Disney Theatre is! On the Dream, the theatre is located on Decks 3 and 4, Forward. And it is beautiful–loaded with art deco details and grand flourishes.

The Shows: On our sailing, we saw three shows: The Golden Mickeys (on night two), Villains Tonight! (on night three) and Disney’s Believe (on the final night).

For our money, Villains Tonight! was the easy favorite. It’s set up like sort of a musical revue with performances by the awesomest Disney villains and hosted by Hades–who’s one of Dan’s favorite Disney characters. We also loved The Golden Mickeys, which is an awards pre-show for the eponymous awards show.

My least favorite was Disney’s Believe, and I think I disliked it for two reasons: First of all, this was on our last night, and I was extremely tired and extremely grumpy. Second of all, the theme was pretty schmaltzy. it was fun, and the music was great but it was by far my least favorite performance.

While I truly loved the shows on the Disney Dream, and I over-the-moon excited about the shows on the Disney Magic, which we’re sailing on this fall. I’ve heard such awesome things about the new-ish Tangled stage show as well as Twice Charmed (the Cinderella musical).

I am worried that Dan isn’t going to enjoy them as much, though, because they’re less revue-type shows and more focused on just one story. Fingers crossed that they’re as good as I hope!!

Which is your favorite Disney Cruise Line stage show? Tell us in the comments! 

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