Aboard the Dream: Sailing Away Party

Sailing Away Party (At Disney Again)Welcome aboard! During your first hours aboard any Disney Cruise adventure, you can expect the Sailing Away Family Deck Party. Ours took place at 4:30 p.m., just as we pulled away from Port Canaveral (and immediately after the life boat emergency drill).

The party takes place on Deck 11, Midship, aboard the Dream, which you’ll come to know as party central throughout the cruise. If you’re not into pushing, shoving or lots of kids, head up to Deck 12, where you can look down on the action. What if it rains, I hear you thinking. Well, if it rains or it’s windy or nature is otherwise being a bit difficult, the party is held in the Atrium.

We set up shop on Deck 11, and I grabbed us some hot dogs and fries (from Tow Mater Grill) and fruity cocktails (from the roaming cast members who were selling them–so make sure you have your credit card), while Dan found a great spot for us to view the show.

Once the Sailing Away Party starts, it’s a solid half hour of moving, shaking and celebrating with Mickey and friends …

In addition to all of the awesome Disney characters and high-energy dance numbers, this is also your opportunity to “meet” your Disney Dream social crew. On our sailing, that included Jamezy, our Entertainment Host. I’ve mentioned him before, but it bears repeating: He was fabulous, fun and fan-flippin-tastic. And this performance was no different.

So, it’s a super fun show on the main deck of the ship, as you sail out of port. Two thumbs up. Very fun! Although, truth be told, I sort of feel like once you’ve done the Sailing Away Party once, you can skip it. Especially if you have a room with a veranda—as we will on our next adventure. But when I intoned that to Dan, he disagreed. “What if they’re wearing different costumes on this cruise,” he asked, pitifully. Fair point, I guess.

And what If you’re not interested in such a celebration or you’re just plain old not in a partying mood? Well, you could be hanging out in Senses—on our cruise, there was an all-ages pedi party as well as a footprint analysis workshop for adults. And all of the youth areas are in Open House mode. And, like I said, there’s always a nice relaxing view from your veranda.

What do you think the Sailing Away Party? Let us know in the comments! 

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