Aboard the Dream: Rolling Up To The Port

Cruise Overview 2I caught sight of the Disney Dream while we were still five miles out. The ship, she cuts such a stunning figure! Big, imposing and impressive, even from so far away. But whimsical, too–the colors are so very Disney and immediately evocative of adventure and glamour.

Seeing it, live and in person for the first time, gave me that same excited, fluttery feeling as the first time I saw the Castle grow larger as I walked down Main Street as an adult. Or maybe that was just nerves.

Yes, I was t-minus just a couple of hours until setting sail for my first cruise, and I was experiencing some serious jitters. No doubt, some of my nerves were about being out on the open water (not something I’ve ever been comfortable with), but I was also worried about how the trip would unfold. It turns out, Disney’s just as good at cruising as it is at everything else; my worry was misplaced.

Cruise Overview 3

For example, driving up to Port Canaveral, I expected chaos and confusion. But this is Disney. Everything was as simple and orderly as possible, and we were on the ship, our names announced over the loud speaker, within 15 minutes of climbing out of the car.

The wow factor of walking into the huge, open lobby, bustling with happy faces and bubbling with energy, was so exciting and overwhelming. I wanted to appreciate single second, but I couldn’t stop admiring the ship!

Cruise Overview 5

There’s so much to see in the atrium lobby. I feel like I could spend days in there, poring over all of the fun little touches. It’s simultaneously elegant and fun, and I couldn’t drink in the details quickly enough. And that’s just the lobby.

As Dan and I got into the elevator, I actually stopped for a moment, realizing we’d only just scratched the surface. There are 14 decks on the Dream! Immediately, I wanted to explore every inch of the ship. But just as much, I wanted to find a big, fruity drink and a sunny deck chair and just … enjoy.

There’s something so powerful about the ship. Instantly, I felt relaxed and safe and open to whatever was going to come my way. There’s really nothing to fear, which was a huge relief.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing some initial thoughts about my Disney Dream experience, which was absolutely magical. And over the next several months, I’ll be delving int more specifics about the adventure. If there’s something specific you’re interested in learning more about, let me know in the comments! 

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