Aboard the Dream: Dinner With Remy

Remy is everything.

Remember when I wrote about brunch at Palo, and I was like, “This is too much!” And I meant it in a bad way? Well, Remy was too much in a good way. In the best way possible, perhaps.

Remy 001

As we were planning our cruise, Dan and I knew we wanted to be sure to try both of the additional-fee restaurants onboard the Dream: Palo and Remy. We didn’t really have a plan, specifically, but the way it shook out, we ended up booking Remy for dinner.

Some quick facts: Remy offers dinner each night of the cruise (excepting the first one). Only adults (18+) are welcome, and the dress code is quite strict: Men are required to wear a jacket with dress pants and shoes. Women are required to wear a cocktail or evening dress, a pant suit, or skirt.  Jeans, shorts, capri pants, sandals, flip-flops, and tennis shoes are not permitted. The meal costs $85 per person (as of May 2016).

I could talk all day about the beautiful, rich woods and bright, elegant colors and about the awesome little touches of the restaurant’s namesake mouse and Ratatouille. Every inch of this place is either insanely opulent or adorably themed or (best of all) both! But I only have so much time and so many words, so I encourage you to check out Dan’s post for (seriously) all of the photos of Remy.

Another fun fact: There’s a second dining room, cleverly called the Gusteau Room. You guys … it’s basically a replica of the restaurant in Ratatouille, and it is amazing. I’m almost sorry we didn’t get to eat in Gusteau’s.

In both dining rooms, the seating arrangements are incredibly intimate–none of the tables are too close together, and each is individually set for the exact number of guests that are on the reservation. All the tableware is very luxe, with goldish trim.

We were so very blessed to have a seat right beside the incredible windows, so as we enjoyed our amazing meal, we were able to look out over the water and watch the sun go down. It was completely and utterly amazing.

Our meal began the way all good meals do: With a visit from the cocktail fairy. If you haven’t heard of Remy’s signature champagne cocktail … wow. It’s called Colette, and it’s named for the lovely lady in the film. It’s also prepared tableside, which adds a heck of a wow-factor.

As we sipped our cocktails, the waiter brought at water menu. That’s right. A. Water. Menu. Listing an array of 20 different waters sourced from different parts of the world, with different minerals, that have gone through different filtering processes. This was an upcharge, of course. But how could we say no to the water menu? I mean, honestly. How often do you walk into a spot and get handed a water menu?

So we ordered two different still waters: Voss from Norway and De Laubie from Canada. And I swear, guys, we could taste the difference. A stark difference! The Voss water was extremely clean and crisp, almost stony tasting, while the water from Canada was very wet and had a little bit of sweetness. (This is a little note to self: If we come across this while we’re in Canada on our next cruise, we definitely need to pick up a bottle of De Laubie!)

[[For close up photos of the full water menus, visit At Disney Again]]

Soon after, our server delivered an amusebouche to the table: Deep-fried tomato soup. It’s sort of like a soup dumpling, with all the bright, rich flavors that implies.

As we enjoyed that bite, our server came back with a basket brimming with tiny baguettes, multi-grain slices and onion-spiked brioche. And, of course, a cutie little salt pig and some lovely butter. So French, so crunchy delicious.

And then, another surprise: Foie Gras Mousse. We didn’t order it or ask for it. It just appeared, like the tomato soup. So odd, but so lovely.

And then … there was dinner. Honestly, there was so much food. And it was all lovely and delicious. And wonderfully wonderful. But I can not tell you what was what. So … feast your eyes.

[[For more incredible photos, visit At Disney Again]]

Yum, right? We were getting dangerously close to full … but we’d managed to save room for dessert … and then the cheese cart came out.

Yea. A cheese cart rolled directly to our table. We were fully and completely unprepared for cheese. But we were so glad. I absolutely adore cheese, and I’ve been working to get Dan to love it, as well. This was a great experience.

Then it was finally time for dessert! We were served a chocolate mint tartlet and a trio of sweets called Chocolate Gout. Just call it delicious.

And theeeeeeen … more dessert! Seriously. After dessert, our server brought out a tray of tiny pastries, including homemade lollipops, nougat, chocolates and homemade marshmallows. Luckily, our server was already prepared with exceptionally elegant doggie bags because there was literally no way any of this was going into our bellies.

And then! A rose (for me) and a box of chocolates (for both of us) for the road. Seriously. After all of that, they gave us more food to go.

Oh, Lord. My belly is aching just thinking about it! Unfortunate but true: Our Remy reservation happened to coincide with Pirate Night, and we were still so. full. from dinner that we weren’t able to partake in the post-Pirate Party buffet. (But I did manage to suck down a rum drink or two, because pirates.)

Happy sigh … I wish I could eat at Remy once a week …

How do you love Remy? Count the ways in the comments!!