Aboard the Dream: Raise Your Martini Glass

Martini Tasting (At Disney Again)One of the on-board excursions Dan and I made sure to book in advance: A Martini Tasting in Dan’s favorite on-board bar, Meridian. He’d done a Cognac Tasting on his previous adventure, and he enjoyed the educational aspect of the activity, but he wanted to try something with a little bit more flavor diversity. And I was all-too-happy to join him for booze and learning.

On this particular cruise, the Tasting was held at 4 p.m. at the tail end of our Bahamas day. All aboard was at 5:15 p.m., but there was still a decent-sized crowd gathered to mix up some fun. Dan and I had returned to the ship relatively early (around 1:30), and after we fueled up quickly at Cabanas (which closes at 2:15!), we headed back to the room to change and get ready for the evening. First stop: Deck 12 Martini Tasting!

Let’s start with Bonny, our mixologist for the session. He was so wonderful–knowledgeable, patient and very, very funny. If Meridian hadn’t been Dan’s favorite bar before, it would have been after spending a couple of (increasingly drunken) hours with Bonny. As we arrived, he and the bar staff greeted us warmly, and set up a beautiful spread in front of each of us. We knew right away this was going to be memorable.

((More photos of this awesome experience are available on At Disney Again))

Our first sip was a gin martini, which was accompanied by a brief history of the cocktail. Can you believe I’d never had a proper martini before? Wow! It was an experience–crisp and clean and just a liiiiiiiittle too sharp for my tastes. Dan helped Bonny mix up this classic (not shaken) sip, so he was treated to a full-size serving. Yes, this seminar is interactive–at least two people from the “audience” were invited behind the bar to help Bonny mix up each drink and were “rewarded” with full-size pours of their creation.

The cool thing about a martini tasting aboard the Dream (or any of the other ships) is that you really never know what you’re going to get. Every single tasting is a little bit different. As you can see below, we tried two fruity martinis (a pomegranate cosmo and an appletini) and one dessert martini (a chocolate martini). They were all unique and delicious (and I really loved the pop of sweetness from the blackberry in the slightly sour appletini), but who knows what will be on your table. What I can promise: For $15, you’ll be served at least four half-sized martinis. And on a ship where a single martini starts at $10 (and goes way up from there), you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

As a nice final surprise, Bonny shook up his own specialty cocktail, the Coco Cadillac, which he created for the Skyline Lounge on Disney’s Magic and Wonder. It’s made with 2 parts each Midori and Malibu with one part whipped cream (or half and half), shaken and strained to create a beautiful, muted green cocktail. We loved this one, and if you ever find yourself in the Skyline Lounge (or chatting with Bonny over a glass), definitely give it a try.

Overall, this was an absolutely wonderful way to spend a couple of evening hours on our Bahamas day. Afterwards, we played a couple of turns at Midship Detective Agency, saw Villains Tonight and then headed to dinner at Enchanted Garden … all with a bit of a buzz on, for sure. Totally a great way to spend our third evening at sea.

Next time? We’re totally going to try out the Mixology Seminar. I can’t wait!

Have you ever taken a Tasting Seminar aboard Disney Cruise Lines? Tell us about it!! And don’t forget to visit At Disney Again to see even more of Dan’s beautiful photos from the event. 

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