Aboard the Dream: Pirate Night

Ahoy, me hearties! I think my favorite night aboard the Disney Dream was Pirate Night. I got myself all pirate’d up and posed for photos with my favorite piratey characters around the ship, then we headed up to the poop deck for some serious pirate partying during the Pirates in the Caribbean Deck Party!

Of course, I was proud of my pirate garb, but I was super duper impressed by the costumes put together by some of our fellow guests. As Dan and I ran around the ship that evening, I definitely got a big kick out of checking out my shipmates. But not everyone was wearing full-on pirate gear–earlier in the day, the stateroom attendants left pirate bandannas for every guest, so some guests were wearing those. And some guests weren’t dressed up at all.

[[For more photos of guest garb and the Pirate event, visit At Disney Again!]]

Soon it was showtime! Dan and I watched from Deck 12, looking at the main event from above. Up on stage, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy were trying to thwart Captain Hook’s diabolical plot to take over the ship. The ever-awesome entertainment crew were in on the act, as well, dancing their hearts out.

Pirate Night (At Disney Again)

After Mickey’s party, Dan and I rushed back to our stateroom to change for our dinner reservation at Remy. And then we ate and ate and ate (I’ll post a full review in early August!) … and then we rolled ourselves back to the room to change back into our pirate gear for the Buccaneer Blast show!

Once again, we watched from Deck 12. It was a great view … and it was hard won, as some folks tried to elbow in just as the show began, and things got a little piratey during the scuffle!

But soon the fight was forgotten and some pirates took the stage. It got a little scary for a minute … and then Captain Jack zip-lined onto the stage and saved the day!

Captain Jack finished his show with a flourish, launching the cannons … And crickets.

To explain: After he defeats the bad pirates, Captain Jack usually cues the evening’s fireworks show. But on this night, they didn’t go off. Like I said, it was crickets. Eventually, our Cruise Director got on the mic and explained that the winds had changed during the show, and the fireworks would have to be delayed.

Typically, Club Pirate–a pirate-themed dance party–takes over the deck after the fireworks, but because of the delay in our show, Club Pirate became part of the show.

Pirate Night (At Disney Again)

Finally, the winds were just right, and it was time for FIREWORKS AT SEA! All told, the show was probably only delayed 10-15 minutes, and it was totally worth the wait! The blasts were choreographed to music from the Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan, and it was so. cool. to see fireworks explode over the water with no land in sight.

After the party, there was a whole buffet spread of desserts and pirate treats … but Dan and I were still too full from dinner at Remy! Following some more Club Pirate songs and dancing, Pirates of the Caribbean played on Funnel Vision into the wee hours of the morning.

Dan and I ended up skipping all of the post-fireworks festivities. Instead, we grabbed a couple of cocktails and relaxed on some loungers up on Deck 13, Fore. Dan was working on taking star-trail photos … maybe those will surface some day.

Overall, it was a really wonderful, if completely overwhelming evening! This came at the tail end of our second day on Castaway Cay, and I was heat tired, for sure … and food tired from our visit to Remy. If I could do it again, I’d probably try to take a longer afternoon nap and not plan a signature meal before the party. Because at the end of the night, I was absolutely, completely exhausted. But happily so.

Have you attended a Pirate Party aboard the Disney Dream? Let us know in the comments below!

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