Aboard the Dream: Meridian Lounge

Lots of people say that the most fun you’ll have on any cruise is “formal night.” The first time I heard it, I am sure my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. I am a girl known for wearing comfy clothes. But! It really is really really fun to put on a pretty dress and make yourself all fancy and head to dinner at Palo or Remy.

And before your dinner reservation, you’re going to want to head into Meridian Lounge. Well, I did, anyway. And it’s safe to say that you will, too.

Meridian Lounge (At Disney Again)

The naming of Meridian Lounge (located between Palo and Remy) is clever: The bar straddles the keel of the ship—it’s actually located on the meridian! But it goes beyond that. The swanky lounge is full of dark wood, rich leather, panoramic windows and nautical touches … but the Disney difference is in the epic theming.

Meridian Lounge (At Disney Again)

Inspired by the early days of sea travel, the seats are designed after old-timey suitcases, the floor is a giant sextant tool and leather maps with embossed passport stamps decorate the walls. [For lots more photos of the details, head over to Dan’s blog post about the bar!]

Always look up: The ceiling is inset with compass light fixtures that are everything.

I especially loved how the bar is “decorated” with lights, reflecting the word “welcome” in several different languages.

Plus, it’s a bar. So it’s automatically a great place to hang out. In addition to the martinis (which are to die), it has a full complement of drinks, including beer, wine, cocktails, coffee drinks, and ice wines. There’s also a smoke bar, offering a wide array of cigars (which can be smoked on the bar’s outdoor teak deck).

So. It’s got everything you need for some very adult fun before or after (or the day before or the day after … or any time, really) your special meal at Palo or Remy. Cheers!

Have you ever whet your whistle at Meridian? Let us know in the comments! 

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