Aboard the Dream: I Gained Five Pounds

Now, for the thing you’ve really all been waiting for: The food!

I know a lot of people complain about the quality of the food on the ship, but Dan and I both thought the food was really quite good. We ate at each of the main dining rooms for dinner at least once, enjoyed Cabanas for both breakfast and lunch and dined at both Remy (dinner) and Palo (brunch). And we availed ourselves of room service way more often than I’m going to admit right now.

Ginger teriyaki dusted angus beef tenderloin at Animator’s Palate
Ginger teriyaki dusted angus beef tenderloin at Animator’s Palate

We’ll do in depth reviews of all of our dining experiences, but I will say that we enjoyed our main dining room dinners more than our signature, adults-only dinners. The main dining room food was really quite good. Not amazing or life changing, but it was actually better than I expected and certainly better than some in-Park meals I’ve had. Overall, we were really happy with the quality of food.

As for the quantity, I read somewhere that the Disney Dream has seven galleys. That’s so bananas. On one hand, it seems like so many! On the other, when you’re crammed on the deck with 2,000 of your fellow passengers for the Farewell Party, seven hardly seems like enough!

But there was plenty of food! More then plenty. In fact, there were at least two occasions where our amazing service team brought me extra food–more food that I’d asked for–just because they thought I’d like to try something. I should say, right off the bat, that our service team was ahhhh-mazing. Like, for real. They remembered what we liked to drink and how we liked things served. It was brilliant. Plus, they were really super sweet.

Our amazing servers,
Our amazing servers, Anak and John

Also awesome: Our table mates! Actually, between grabbing food court food and signature dining experiences, all 8 of us were never at the same table at the same time. But we did hit it off with another couple, and we shared dinner with them three of the five nights as well as breakfast on the final morning. They were lovely! (And if you’re reading, Amanda and Brandon, Hi! We miss you guys!)

In fact, I loved everything about rotational dining. Especially the dining rooms. I don’t know if other cruise lines offer several different main dining rooms, but even if they do, I am sure that their dining rooms are not as jaw-droppingly detailed and beautiful as Disney’s.

Animator's Palate
Animator’s Palate

We ended up eating at Enchanted Garden once, Animator’s Palate three times and Royal Palace once. And I just loved every single experience. Even Animator’s Palate. I mean, you’d think being in there three different times, I’d get tired of it. But every time felt like a different show (was, in fact, a different show), and I really just couldn’t get enough.

In fact, I really just can’t wait to set sail on another Disney cruise so that I can experience even more of these amazing spaces … but you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to hear what we have planned next.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing some initial thoughts about my Disney Dream experience, which was absolutely magical. And over the next several months, I’ll be delving int more specifics about the adventure. If there’s something specific you’re interested in learning more about, let me know in the comments! 

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