Aboard the Dream: Doing Castaway Cay Like a Grown Up

FullSizeRender (1)When I started planning my first Disney cruise adventure, there were several things I was excited and nervous about. One of the biggies was Castaway Cay. I’ve never been a big fan of beaches. Or bathing suits. And especially not the ocean. In conciliation of these feelings, Dan announced that our first of two Castaway Cay days would be spent at Serenity Bay, the adults-only beach.

This turned out to be a great call and one of my favorite days of the whole trip.

For those of you not in the know, Serenity Bay is all about one thing: No kids allowed. Your adventure starts with a tram ride down a long runway, and once you’re there, the air-travel theme doesn’t end. The full service bar, a bike and float rental spot and bathrooms are all aviation-themed, and there are a ton of fly-boy-inspired signs scattered around. It feels very authentically like we stumbled into a retired pilot’s beachside oasis.

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Oasis, as it turns out, is the perfect word for this hideaway. We pulled up a couple of lounge chairs and got to work relaxing. We read for a bit, basked in the quiet lapping of the water and happily ordered drinks from a roving waiter. It was heavenly.

After some time, I stretched out in a hammock and closed my eyes for a nap, and Dan went off to take some photos. Eventually, we both ended up in the water. I only went in up to my thighs, but the water was so crystal clear that I could see all the little fishies around my feet.

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Long after I gave up on the ocean, Dan put his phone in a water-safe case and walked way out past the shallows. So far that, from the shore, sometimes I could only see his hat! He was actually making the lifeguards nervous: They very unobtrusively circled him a few times, until he assured them that he wasn’t going out any further. It was worth the walk, it turns out: He found the “wreckage” of a vehicle off the shore: An engine and some drive shafts. (It’s no Nautilus, but snorkeling wasn’t on the to-do list.)

Eventually, it was time for lunch, and we headed to the adults-only Serenity Bay BBQ adjacent to the beach. The food is the same here as it is everywhere on the island: An assortment of burgers, hot dogs, ribs, steaks, chicken, salads, sides and desserts (including unlimited chocolate, vanilla, banana and strawberry softserve)! It’s not, like, over-the-top delish, but it was perfectly filling and made my empty, sun-drenched belly happy.

Then it was back to the water’s edge for a couple more hours of relaxing and dipping our toes in the water. Captain Jack Sparrow even stumbled down to the beach to greet us! (I did not share my rum with him.)

But all too soon, it was time for All Aboard! We headed back to the boat, relaxed and happy. And ready for our showing of The Golden Mickeys. Of course, that’s another story for another day …

What’s your favorite spot on Castaway Cay? Tells us about it in the comments below!

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