Aboard the Dream: Do Your Dancey Dance

In the Parks, I sometimes have a difficult time getting excited for character interactions. I know I’m going to have to wait in an endless line (sometimes under the scorching sun) to share 30 rushed seconds with a character who’s hot, tired and being mobbed.

On the cruise, things are entirely different. Everything’s more low key, less stressful. The characters are each out for 15 minutes at a time, and they’re carefully managed. The lines never get too long, and you (and, by extension, large families with screaming kids) are forced to pick the one or two characters you really want to see.

Even better: There are actually a ton of opportunities to run into characters walking through the ship to their next destination. And they’re rarely mobbed with screaming kids. And they always have a second for a quick photo.

This hearkens back to something I’ve written about before: Pay to play. You pay a lot more for the DCL experience, and as a result, it’s more personalized. It also leads me to a really, really fun event on Disney Cruise Lines: The Character Dance Party. On our cruise, we happened to view this awesome event in the middle of the day (12:15 p.m.) on our At Sea day.

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It was energetically hosted by Jamezy. Let’s take a minute here to pay tribute to Jamezy. He was technically our Entertainment Host (sort of like a mini-Cruise Director … but with way more energy) but we affectionately referred to his as our Cruise Gay. He was an absolute ray of sunshine every time we interacted with him during our five days aboard, and we watched him handle situations with patience, pizzazz and prudence, as necessary. As you can see in the video below, he is a firecracker of festive spirit. We just love him.

We also loved this dance party. Even though there were at least 100 people in the atrium and even though the party only lasted about a half hour, everyone who wanted to get a minute to dance with a character was able to do so. It never got to be too much or too overwhelming. It was perfect and perfectly executed.

I also think it’s only right to give props to all of the wonderful entertainment staff, both in and out of costume. Like I said, they kept the show organized and moving forward. And, damn! They’ve got moves! What a delight.

Tell us about your awesome character interactions on the Disney Cruise Line!

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