Aboard the Dream: Cabanas

Confession time: When I boarded the Disney Dream, I was a bit of a snob about Cabanas. Buffets? On a cruise line? I thought. I’m going to eat room service and dine in the finest dining rooms aboard the ship. Buffets? No, thank you! Not for me.

Guys, I was so wrong.

Cabanas is awesome.

Cabanas 030

We only ate there twice during the trip (once on an at-sea day and at the tail-end of service on our second Castaway Cay day), but the food was way better than I was thinking it would be. Below, I’ve posted one single photo of several different lunch items that we tried: some lunch meats, pork with garlicky ginger noodles, a turkey wrap, a chicken with pico de gallo and mashed potatoes. All totally yum.  Also amazing (but not pictured): The mac and cheese. Yummmmmm.

Cabanas 003

Also: Did you know that you can eat dinner here, too?! I had no idea until I sat down to write this post. I can’t super imagine why you’d pick Cabanas over one of the main dining spots, but to each their own. I can see the lure of Cabanas if you’re having fun at the pool with your kids and don’t want to head into the bowels of the ship to change and eat. (To be honest, I’m sort of curious about what dinner is like … so it’s on my to-do list.)

But, honestly, it’s super not about the food for me. The food is good. But the space is so outstanding.

Whether you enter through the main doors or from the elevators, it’s immediately clear that you’re at the highest of high class beach resorts.

The restaurant gives the immediate, if stylized, sensation of being out of doors, on the beach. The seats are wicker-style and are situated under big, open umbrellas or towering palm trees and a big, blue sky filled with flying kites. And floor-to-ceiling ocean views.

The food stations are separated from the seating area by wave-like blue tile half-walls and beachy wooden fences. And the food stations are set up like a boardwalk with colorful, striped awnings separating the different sections.

But it’s the details that I love most. Like these amazing Disney Parks sandcastles:

Or these amazing mosaic murals:

Or my favorite little friends from Finding Nemo:

And, possibly my favorite thing … these amazing octopus sun shades:

Cabanas 002

Can I get it as wallpaper? For the wall behind my bed? Maybe? Please?

Have you ever hung out in Cabanas? Tell us about your experience in the comments!