Aboard the Dream: And Then Disembark For Excursions

Disney Cruise Line in New York It’s finally here!!

Yes, I’m still in the middle of sharing photos and fun from my first Disney cruise, but Dan is a Silver Castaway Club member, so we are able to book our activities 90 days in advance. That means, in just a little over two weeks, we can book our excursions for our upcoming Canadian Disney Cruise adventure. So …

It’s finally here!

Sadly, it’s not quite as exciting as we’d hoped it would be. You see, we each had ONE THING we were really looking forward to experiencing on the cruise, and unfortunately, neither of those things is an option. (I was hoping for an Anne of Green Gables-type tour, which I now realize was silly because we’re not going near Prince Edward Island; Dan was hoping to meet or even just see some puffins, but again, we’re not going that far north. Silly us.)

BUT! We have made some decisions about what we hope to do. Sort of. We are definitely planning to get Hop-On-Hop-Off trolley tickets, which runs to all of the big sights in both New Brunswick and Halifax. I did a little research and the Disney upcharge on the tickets is just a couple of dollars … so unless we can find a Groupon or other deal, we’re just going to get the tickets through DCL.


We’re also thinking about doing an excursion on each island on top of the trolley tickets … in New Brunswick, there is a whale-watching tour as well as a tour of a working maple sugar farm that look very interesting to us. In Halifax, we have our eyes on a visit to Peggy’s Cove, maybe.

I feel like we had such a great time on our excursion (and just shopping) in the Bahamas last year that we definitely want to get off the ship … but are we crazy to be packing our Canadian port days with activities? What do you guys think??

Any advice as we head into our booking window? Let us know in the comments below or email me (melissa@mouseonthemind.com).