Aboard the Dream: A Good Breakfast & More

I have been trolling the DCL website HARD.

It’s so weird because I would never prepare for a WDW vacation by going to the WDW website, but I feel like the official cruise site is the best way to get basic info. I guess because I innately knew things about WDW from previous trips by the time I started planning trips on my own? And I know literally nothing about cruising.

On Deck (At Disney Again)

Point is, I’ve been doing my homework. And I’ve discovered a few new things that we have to try … let’s call them Melissa’s Must-Dos.

  • Goofy’s Sports Deck. Dan says he never got up to Deck 13 on his first cruise. But we will this time. Did you know there’s miniature golf up there!?
  • Yoga. I hear there’s a ‘sunrise’ yoga adventure on Castaway Cay … and I think it’s free.
  • Meridian and Pink. Two lounges that look so cozy, cool that I definitely am going to have to hang out there.
  • Enjoy delicious pastries at Vista Cafe.

That last one was inspired by a friend. Last week, Emma from A Pinch of Pixie Dust shared details of a particularly sweet and delicious breakfast at the Vista Cafe aboard the Disney Dream. At first, the delectable pastries got me excited. And then they got me a bit nervous.

Disney Dream Pastries (At Disney Again)

You see, I’m one of those people who needs a substantial breakfast in the morning. I don’t mean, like, a ton of food. But it helps if there’s more protein and fiber than sugar. Those pastries? They’d make a great mid-morning snack, but before that … I need real food. And the Continental Breakfast available through Room Service? I really don’t think it’s going to cut it.

So I was really happy to read that Royal Palace and Enchanted Garden both offer a sit-down breakfast while Cabanas has a buffet-style meal. The sit-down menus look better to me, but the idea of grabbing a plate from the buffet and sitting out on the deck also appeals (especially because I can’t imagine Dan being up and willing to get breakfast with me early in the morning).

Things are shaping up! And I am getting more and more excited. So what do I have to add to my Must-Dos?? Tell me in the comments below!


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