Agents M & D: A World Showcase Adventure

Agent P's WS Adventure (At Disney Again) Ah, Fair Reader! Come in, get trapped, listen to the second installment of a four-part series presented by Mouse on the Mind and At Disney Again. Each Friday this month, we’ll be sharing the stories and sights of Disney World’s interactive in-Park games. Most of the photos in this post were taken by At Disney Again, and you can find more beautiful photos from our recent gameplay on his blog.

Today, we’re playing Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, your opportunity to sign up and join the Organization Without a Cool Acronym (OWCA) and help Major Monogram and the gang defeat Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Who doesn’t want to be a secret agent?!

Of course, since this is a secret agency, signing up isn’t so easy as you might think … as you walk along the Promenade, keep your eyes open for some folks wearing Agent P-colored guayabera shirts standing near a cart without a horse. Like so:

Agent P sign up kiosk (At Disney Again)

To make your search a little easier, you’re most likely to find the agents on the walkway between the Fountain of Nations and World Showcase Plaza as well as outside the Italy, United Kingdom and Norway Pavilions. And once you find them, the agents will give you the Field Operative Notification Equipment (also known as a FONE), which Major Monogram will use to give you your mission.

Agent P FONE (At Disney Again)

On this day, Agent M (that’s me!) and Agent D (that’s At Disney Again) were assigned first to head to the United Kingdom, where we helped … well, I won’t spoil the plot. But I will tell you that, following the directions on our FONE, we  were led all throughout the Pavilion, watching events (activated by the presence of our FONE), interacting with cast members, finding clues to complete puzzles (also on the FONE) and reporting back to the OWCA. Here’s one example of an interactive experience:

Above, you can see: based on a clue given to us via FONE, we found a trophy located in one of the Pavilion’s shops. Once activated, the trophy presented a puzzle that we had to complete on our FONE and send back to the Major. That complete, we received our next mission. And off we went!

In the end we, of course, managed to foil Dr. Doofenschmirtz’ evil plan, and all told, the UK-portion of the game took us about 40 minutes to complete. We’ve also experienced the adventure in Mexico (all indoors, for those real hot days!), China and Germany, and each country is unique, with its own challenges and interactive surprises.

Once you’re done saving a Pavilion, the FONE will ask if you want to save another country. If so, follow the instructions on screen to get another assignment. If not, the FONE will prompt you to return it to a super secret location so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

FONE return (Mouse on the Mind)

Personally, I really enjoy Agent P’s game. The interactive elements are surprising and often very funny, and it’s a fun way to see parts of the Pavilion that you may not otherwise experience. At Disney Again agreed with my assessment, and he was especially fond of how the game was able to draw us into nooks and crannies of the Pavilions that we wouldn’t ordinarily visit and encourages cultural exchange with cast members.

I’ve read criticism saying that the game is too loud, but I kind of like that about this specific game. Like the Pirate’s Adventure effects, they fit. Maybe they don’t blend in quite as well, but they’re well-themed to the country they’re in, and they add some kinetic life to the area.

Of course, on very hot days, it can be miserable. But on a nice day when it’s not too crowded, it’s fun. And on a nice day when it’s not too crowded but you don’t feel like playing, hopefully it still makes you smile to watch others race through the Pavilion, setting off fun effects in their wake.

Could the game use some updating? Sure. More modern FONEs would be a start (although I find the old flip phones charming), and maybe we could make the dongle on the side of the FONE smaller. And, sure, some of the effects could use a sprucing (they have, after all, by and large been there for 8 years). But, honestly? There’s something so fun and retro about the whole thing, kind of like Epcot itself.

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And don’t forget to click here for more incredible photos from our adventures as Agents M and D.

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