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Today’s exciting new attraction comes to us from Holly, also known as A Disney Fan in Colorado.


When I was asked to write a post where I got to dream up a new attraction based on a Disney movie, I immediately started looking for inspiration from my childhood favorites like Robin Hood, Fox and the Hound and The Great Mouse Detective. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor? Getting attacked by a bear while standing on a rotten log? Outwitting a giant rat? Not a whole lot of successful attraction options there! So, I switched gears to one of my favorite Pixar movies – Up.

Adventure is Out There 345If you’ve visited the Redwood Challenge Trail in DCA or recently been to Animal Kingdom, you’ll know they’ve already added Up to the Parks by way of a Wilderness Explorers scavenger hunt of sorts, where you can earn badges after collecting a series of clues. A fun activity, but not exactly using the movie’s “Adventure is Out There” theme to its fullest.

For my new Up: An Adventure Is Out There attraction, a new building themed as Carl & Ellie’s house will be added to the end of Main Street in Disneyland, right before the entrance to Adventureland. (No, this wouldn’t REPLACE the Enchanted Tiki Room; I’d magically add space NEXT to it.) The queue will wind its way through the interior of the house, passing by things like the Paradise Falls mural and Carl and Ellie’s chairs.

Adventure is Out There 1

Before entering the ride vehicles, you’ll grab a pair of handy-dandy goggles, because this is going to be a 3D adventure!

The individual ride vehicles, themed as a house held aloft by a bunch of balloons, will take you up out of the house into what looks like the sky, but is really just a big movie theater with a really big screen. From here, your adventure will begin with the system automatically picking one of several available options. The ride vehicles will be suspended so that you’ll feel like you’re flying and will be able to move and sway based on what’s happening on screen.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself dodging traffic as you fly through New York City:
Adventure is Out There 2

Taking part in an airfight with Charles Muntz and his talking dogs:
Adventure is Out There 3

Racing after Kevin as she runs through the jungle trying to get back to her babies:
Adventure is Out There 34

Or maybe flying through the majestic Paradise Falls (with a little bit of spray from the falls hitting you in the face, of course).

The attraction would start with 4 or 5 “adventures” but could be added to at any time (I don’t believe Russell and Carl’s adventures ended once the movie was over ).

Russell and Dug CharactersAnd of course, there’d be a spot just outside the store where Russell, Carl and Dug would be available for autographs, hugs and more pictures!After successfully finishing the adventure, you would “land” at the top of Paradise Falls to exit the building on the Adventureland side of the building where’d you exit directly into…the gift shop! Here you’d be able to purchase all the Dug plush you could ever want as well as pick up your very own Adventure Book, complete with the picture taken of you and your friends during the most exciting part of your adventure.

Would you sign up to be part of the Adventurer’s Club?! Let us know below.

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