Aboard the Magic: We Sail This Weekend!

Disney Magic in New York City (Chloe Rice, photographer)Oh my goodness! We literally board the Disney Magic and set sail for points north this Sunday!! Dan and I could not be more jazzed.

In preparation for the trip, I watched the Disney Cruise Line: Reimagined Magic documentary, all about the ship’s renovation a couple of years ago. I was shocked by how much they actually did to the ship–ripped out 80% of its interior! it’s basically a whole new ship! I’m so excited to see the new (well, new to me) ship.

Other things we’re excited about: Brunch and Dinner at Palo. New restaurants (including the “cool” version of Animators Palate), and new adult clubs (Fathoms … Keys … a new Cove Cafe). Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing and Scream (and hopefully meeting Jack and Sally). The blooming Halloween tree. And costumes!!! (I have two …)

Jack and Sally DCL

Over the past 10 weeks, we’ve also found our “cruise ship group” on Facebook. By joining this group, we were able to connect with fellow cruisers, join in on pre-planned group activities (our group planned a couple of mixology courses as well as a Halloween Door Decorating Contest) and participate in the Fish Extender Gift Exchange.

What’s a Fish Extender, you say? You know how, when you walk down the halls of a Disney Cruise ship, some people have banners and pockets hanging from the little fish outside their stateroom door? Those are Fish Extenders, and cruise groups will sign up to swap gifts between cabins. It’s a fun way to get to know your fellow cruisers and build the excitement as the sailing approaches.

In addition, because this is a Halloween cruise, our group is also Trick-Or-Treating (hanging bags of tricks and treats outside our cabin doors–so we can go from participating cabin to participating cabin, collecting goodies). Dan & I actually have a couple of longtime friends on this sailing … but now I feel like we have a bunch of friends on this sailing.  (Interested in finding a group for your own upcoming cruise?? Just type the ship name and your sailing date into the Facebook Search bar. For example, I searched for Disney Magic October 2 2016.)

As you’re reading this, we are … so unprepared. Hah! We’re putting the finishing touches on our Fish Extender Gifts this evening, and I don’t plan to finish my packing until Saturday. Risky, I know … but I guess I just like living on the edge …

Have you ever cruised aboard the Disney Magic? Tell me what to look forward to in the comments below!!