Aboard The Magic: Pre-Sailing Excitement

Earlier this month, Dan and I sailed on the Magic. We’d booked the trip way back in July 2015, so we’d been getting excited about this trip for over a year. In fact, I’m pretty sure that when we booked, we weren’t even sure what the ports of call would be. So I went through lots of Stages of Excitement: Imagining, Shopping, Stressing …

I spent a lot of time thinking about Fish Extender gifts, packing and all of the original shows on board the ship, but as embarkation came closer and closer, I was shocked by how much of my excitement centered around our stateroom. As I folded my underwear into tiny squares and placed them in my suitcase, I imagined, wistfully, taking them out and putting them into the drawers on the Magic. And it sent a thrill through my heart.

A lot of people say they love embarkation day because they love the freedom of roaming the ship in the hours before the rooms are ready. They fondly remember that first lunch aboard the ship. Or taking a swim. Or catching a first-run movie in the Buena Vista Theatre. But I don’t really get excited about those things. To me, embarkation day is crowded and overwhelming. People are everywhere, doing everything, and I don’t have the cabin to escape to for a moment of blissful privacy and quiet.

When our bags finally arrived around 6:15 p.m., Dan was still above deck, taking photos of the Manhattan skyline receding into the distance. But I was in the cabin, carefully unpacking my suitcase, piece by piece. Thinking about putting my feet up on the verandah, ordering some free room service and letting a Mickey cartoon chatter away in the background. Blissfully, happily alone and finally (finally!) on vacation.

How do you know that you’re really, truly on vacation? Let us know in the comments below!