Aboard the Fantasy: You Read That Right!

I must apologize. I am just … not feeling like writing much lately.

I’ve been spending my free time over the past several months volunteering with causes that matter to me, focusing on empowering women through access to healthcare and support services at the most difficult times in their lives. It’s emotionally difficult work, but it’s also incredibly fulfilling and, at times, a lot of fun. So that’s what I’ve been doing: Taking down the patriarchy in the small but most meaningful ways I am able.

But while I may have taken a break from blogging about Disney, I haven’t stopped needing vacations. And in fact, we have a quick weekend getaway to Disney World planned as well as an Eastern Caribbean sailing aboard the Fantasy that I am very much looking forward to, and it’s that second getaway that drove me to write a bit today.

Eastern Caribbean itinerary

The trip includes stops on Tortula, St. Thomas and Castaway Cay. I’ve been thinking about those first two stops, which are on back-to-back without a sea day in between. That worries me a bit—I wish they were separated by a sea day. So I knew it was in my best interests to keep things light in Tortola so we weren’t too tired out to have fun on St. Thomas. After looking through the offerings and talking things over with Dan, here’s what we’re thinking …



Originally, I was keen to go to the Baths in Virgin Gorda, but my understanding is that the excursions through Disney Cruise Line require you to hike down into the baths and then back up at the end of the day. Dan’s ankle is much stronger these days than it was when we first started together, but he’s not up for steep hikes, so I looked into hiring a private charter that will drop off and pick up right on the water, where access is easier.

Lounge Chairs at Jost Van Dyke

When I talked to Dan about this, we were both a little wary of booking with an outside company, and he loved the idea of going to Jost Van Dyke beach. I did some research about the island, and we were both excited to find that there was literally no end of dive-y tourist bars where we can drink too much and relax on the beach. We’ll probably end up booking Jost Van Dyke.


St. Thomas

This is where things get a little stickier. I want to hike through the Virgin Islands National Park—it’s a four-hour excursion that includes a two-hour hike by the Caneel Bay Plantation, an old Rockefeller mansion … and Rockefeller mansion ruins are one of my non-Disney obsessions. But if Dan’s ankle can’t handle the walk down to the baths, there’s no way he could do this hike. So I’m considering doing it solo.

St. John ruins

Dan, for his money, has his eye on a submarine tour and Coral World Ocean Park, which is the kind of thing he loves but doesn’t super appeal to me, or a visit to Paradise Point, which is something that I’d be very, very much interested in doing … but Rockefeller mansions!  We’ll likely split up this day. Or, maybe, we’ll stick together and visit Paradise Point together.

Have you sailed the Eastern Caribbean itinerary with DCL? Tell me which excursions you selected—and what you thought of them!—in the comments below!

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