Aboard the Dream: Exploring Caribbean History

One of my favorite things in the whole world is exploring little used and abandoned buildings. (You can see evidence of my hobby on my infrequently-updated Instagram account with Dan from At Disney Again.) So as Dan and I were planning our excursions, I was very excited about the opportunity to explore two historic forts on Nassau in the Bahamas. Yes, please!

The first stop on our tour was the Junkanoo Museum, which was amazing. Then our awesome tour guide took us to Fort Charlotte.

This place was serious and seriously somewhere I’d never want to find myself–as a soldier or a prisoner. The huge complex includes a waterless moat, drawbridge, dungeons and hidden underground tunnels. There’s plenty of signage, and we were able to wander through the fort at our own pace, which was nice, and there were some exhibits throughout that explained the fort’s historical uses.

As the highest point in Nassau, Charlotte also offered up some amazing views–including a great shot of the cruise ships in port.

The next stop was Fort Fincastle, which was bustling with tourists and Bahamians. This one is much smaller, but somehow it seemed more vibrant.

The fort overlooks the city, and it’s just a beast of a building. There’s not much in the way of secret entry ways or holes in the ground–this was more of a lookout, with just three small rooms below the rampart. But! There are a few interesting exhibits around the fort.

In addition to great views of the harbor, the fort also has great views of the looming lighthouse and water tower. It was closed when we visited, but I can only imagine what the views must be from the top!

After Fort Fincastle, I also walked down the Queen’s Staircase … Dan couldn’t walk down the stairs, and I didn’t take the camera … but wow! The stairs are beautiful, the nature corridor leading up to the stairs is beautiful, and the story of the stairs was beautifully told by a local man. If you get a chance, I’d recommend taking the walk. Definitely worth it. (And a good way to work off some of that cruise food!)

The whole experience (from Junkanoo to Forts to Stairs) took about three hours, and I’d totally do it again (for the first time … I don’t think the Forts bear repeating). Definitely recommend.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Nassau? Let us know in the comments! 

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