A Starbucks in Every Resort

Contemporary Grounds sign (wdwrecipes.com)With all of the excitement about Starbucks in the Parks, I think one thing is very, very clear: People love their coffee. And they want to be able to get a good, strong fix at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Who can blame them? (Not. Me.)

Of course, I knew about America’s trenta-sized secret (with half and half) before Starbucks appeared on the scene. Because I consider the Contemporary Resort my second home, and I’ve often seen a line of people, ten or twelve deep, waiting for a cup of Joffrey’s fresh ground coffee at the Contemporary Grounds kiosk in the resort lobby.

A convenient, in-resort coffee kiosk is such a nice, civil touch.  Why isn’t there one in every resort lobby?

Contemporary Grounds (kingdommagictravel.com)

So maybe the title of this is a little bit misleading … what I really mean is that I think every Disney resort should have a little coffee kiosk in the lobby. And, at the very least, every DVC and deluxe-level resort should have one. No: not just conference resorts. And, no: I don’t care if there’s a food court, although I’m willing to accept the argument that value-level resorts don’t need them.

Also: It doesn’t have to be Starbucks. Joffrey’s is a-okay. Especially if they have nice specialty and seasonal options, like Contemporary Grounds. (Pumpkin Pie Latte? It may piss off Påül Bøüdrêåü, but you can sign me right up.) And if they’re themed to match the area (like, I feel, Contemporary Grounds is), even better!

Because, here’s the thing: a good cup of coffee in the morning is a basic American right. Just like free wi-fi and tiny bottles of shampoo. And Disney better get around to realizing it.

What do you think of putting a coffee kiosk in every resort lobby? Let us know in the comments below! 

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