A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

The Magic of Disney Animation (Mouse on the Mind)This story takes place in a very crowded Disney’s Hollywood Studios circa December 2012. The families with children and Spanish-speaking tourists were packed shoulder-to-shoulder-to-sweaty-shoulder, but my companion and I were bound and determined to get into the Animation Academy before park closing.

So we headed over to the Animation Courtyard and we waited … and waited. And waited. And during our wait we witnessed several meltdowns, although perhaps not surprisingly, none of the meltees were children. (Not that I can really blame them … earlier that same day, I had completely lost my composure while waiting in line to meet Buzz and Woody.)

Finally, we made it into the corral outside the classroom, so we knew we were going to get into a class. And lucky us: it turned out to be the last class of the evening, and our teacher was superb. She asked questions throughout the class, so it was educational in that way, as well.

We ended up drawing Minnie (aka Minerva) Mouse. I thought it was extremely fun, but sadly I can barely draw a straight line. Barely? It’s more like not-at-all. So if you look close, my drawing reads like a polygraph … so I’m showing you Rob’s instead:

What’s your favorite Disney character to draw? Tell us about it—and share a photo if you have one!