A Knight, an Agent & a Composer Walk Into My Living Room

This year is going to be fabulous. Just fabulous. On top of moving in with my beau, going on my first cruise … I’m pretty psyched about two new shows coming from the Disney family …

First up, Galavant premieres on January 4. We don’t know a lot about this series except that it’s going to be awesome. It’s set in the time of knights and kings and follows the travels of one such knight whose wife was wooed away by another man. It looks like it’s going to be hilarious–Timothy Omundson plays the “bad” guy, and Weird Al, Ricky Gervais and Anthony Stewart Head have already signed on for guest appearances.

AAAAAAND I haven’t even mentioned the best thing: It’s a musical. And Alan Menken’s name is all over it. You know. Alan Menken of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Tangled fame. No big deal. Just making a little television show.

Yea. I am so excited I might explode.

Two nights later, Agent Carter takes its first whirl around my heart. I’m less excited about this one, but I actually still haven’t seen Winter Soldier, and I still haven’t managed to get into Agents of SHIELD. But I completely adore the Peggy Carter character, I love the concept of a single woman in the 1940s leading the life of a secret agent, and I an intrigued by how closely tied the plot is to the Tony Stark story. It’s basically Alias set during WWII. So I’m cautiously optimistic. If nothing else, the costuming is going to be amazing.

Are you planning to check out these new offerings from ABC? Let us know in the comments below!

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