Musical Monday: A cafellas Reprise

Well, apparently, you can’t post about boys singing sans backup tracking without people sending you their favorite a capella boy band renditions of Disney songs. Which is cool, I guess. We all benefit from these awesome videos of grown ass men enthusiastically singing Disney songs.

But, for reals. These guys. They’re, like, actual singers. Harmonies. Actual arrangement. And great tones. They’ve even got some funny in there. Two thumbs for VuVox Acapella from Valparaiso University. And Genie. There’s not enough Genie in these medleys.

There’s so much joy in this performance, which perfectly blends the tradition of a capella groups being hilarious along with great music. Although you’d expect nothing less from the Biola University Conservatory of Music.

The University of Michigan GMen brought down the house with this beastly medley of songs from The Lion King. And Little Simba takes a page right out of my own book with a spazzy little dance around 3:25. Love it.

Okay, this is the last one, I promise. So I’ve listened to A LOT of shitty a cappella versions of Disney songs the past couple of weeks. They all sound more or less the same, and I was starting to get kinda cranky. And then I found these guys. They are so fun!! And the soloists are so much fun. And they’re called On a Sensual Note. So there was really no way I wasn’t going to love every single one of these guys.

Are you done with a capella, too? Or do you love it? Let me know!

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